Interested in becoming a Reading Power tutor? Please join our tutoring team! Click here for a Tutor Application Today!

To become a tutor, you should have a love of children, the ability to read and write and, hopefully, a sense of humor.

Tutors are encouraged to treat this experience as a job, not as optional volunteer work.

It is important to attend consistently if the children are to receive quality teaching. 

For the occasional absence, a system of trading days with other tutors and available substitute tutors permits some flexibility in one's schedule. 

Several different program choices are available for morning or afternoon assignments with kindergarteners, first, and second graders. 

A background check will be conducted on each tutor.

Training for tutors will be provided by certified teacher and reading specialist, Rebecca Mullen. Two days of training are held in September and continued training takes place each day of tutoring. Additional training sessions are provided throughout the school year. New volunteers can join our tutoring team at any time during the school year. Mid-year training sessions are also held. 

Being a Reading Power tutor is a privilege and a joy. Come share your gifts with these adorable children and enjoy the magic they give back.

Click here for a Tutor Application Today! Thank you for your consideration!

"I have been a Reading Power volunteer for ten years.


It is by far the most worthwhile volunteer opportunity I have been involved in.

The students are receptive to our reading instruction, and the ongoing tutor training is invaluable.


I find it almost like going to graduate school!

Reading with my students is the highlight of my week."

–Susan Sponseller, tutor